Our Pastor

Our pastor was born Lana Sue Black in Glenwood Springs, CO in November 1956. She is the youngest daughter in a family of six with two older sisters and a younger brother.

Lana married Brian Fong in May of 1981 and the couple have three children. All married with children of their own.  Pastor Fong began her ministry after several other occupations God had called her to in the previous years. She started as a Certified Lay Minister in 2006 in Haigler, NE where she stayed for two years. She then attended License to Preach school in Denver and became a full-time Pastor in Curtis NE in 2008 where she remained for five years. She then transfered to Plainview, NE as a pastor until October 2014. The couple then moved to Las Vegas.  They find Pahrump comfortable, welcoming and very community-orientated. Pastor Fong says she, “… already loves the people God has called her to love here in Pahrump. May God bless each and every one of you and the ministry we will do together here in the valley.”

Email:  pastor@pahrumpvalleyumc.com