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Pastor Lana Fong (Left) welcomes new members (L to R) Norma Lashley, Judy McFetridge, Carol Gilmore, Ron Gilmore,  Betty Atkins, Sharon Schlegal, Ellie Cooney, and Yvonne Hollenbeck on Sunday, January 26th during morning service.

pvumc participates in the Nye county social services fair

Barb Barker greets residents at the social services fair and talks to them about the many ministries and programs the Pahrump Valley UMC offers.

stockings bring joy at christmas!

Church members (L to R) Evona Stonebarger, Barb Barker, Pastor Lana Fong, and Judy Menconi getting ready to deliver Christmas Stockings to the residents of the Pahrump Rehabilitation Center and Assisted Living.  PVUMC brings joy to their facility each year because many elderly people are forgotten during the holiday season.

Pahrump Valley United Methodist Church installs new signs!

July 1, 2018. Whenever someone asked me where I went to church I would tell them at Pahrump Valley United Methodist Church.  They would always ask, “Where is that?”.  I would explain it is the church on the corner of Pahrump Valley Boulevard and Highway 372, which would still draw a blank look.  I continued, “across the street from Big O Tires (now Drew’s Tires)”.  After much explaining, I would get the “Ah Ha” moment letting me know they did know where I went to church.  This must have happened to so many other people, including the Pastor.  Even though our church was built in 1985 and is in a prominent location on the corner of a busy intersection people had no idea it was the Pahrump Valley United Methodist Church.  It was beige and blended in.  Thankfully, a decision was made to have signs placed on all four sides of our church, which are very visible and identifies our church very vividly.  Now, I hope when I tell people where I go to church either they will already be going or know where our church is located!  Written by Laurie Wilson, church member.


Seniors Being Hungry is a Nationwide Epidemic




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