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Pahrump Valley United Methodist Church installs new signs!

July 1, 2018. Whenever someone asked me where I went to church I would tell them at Pahrump Valley United Methodist Church.  They would always ask, “Where is that?”.  I would explain it is the church on the corner of Pahrump Valley Boulevard and Highway 372, which would still draw a blank look.  I continued, “across the street from Big O Tires (now Drew’s Tires)”.  After much explaining, I would get the “Ah Ha” moment letting me know they did know where I went to church.  This must have happened to so many other people, including the Pastor.  Even though our church was built in 1985 and is in a prominent location on the corner of a busy intersection people had no idea it was the Pahrump Valley United Methodist Church.  It was beige and blended in.  Thankfully, a decision was made to have signs placed on all four sides of our church, which are very visible and identifies our church very vividly.  Now, I hope when I tell people where I go to church either they will already be going or know where our church is located!  Written by Laurie Wilson, church member.


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